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I was born in Luxembourg in 1991, and raised by parents who love their children and the world.

Everything I do with photography is a result of that love.

My truest shots are those that have been nourished by the gift I received from my mom and dad: the gift of empathy and profound compassion for the human species and a deep-buried appreciation for the magical planet we’ve been graced with.

As humans, we spend a lot of our time among other humans. Indeed, many photographers, notably street and social documentary photographers are convinced that there are too many important things to do with the human animal: to photograph anything else would be a waste of time.

And I agree: A thousand lifetimes would never suffice to fully document the human condition; for man’s everyday struggles and joys are larger than anything any camera may ever capture. Yet despite this richness and dramatic potential of the human life, I have been unable to distance myself (and my camera) from the wonders that lie in the natural world: the world that remains largely untouched by us humans.

In fact, I believe that the most powerful discoveries about our own humanity remain forever hidden to those who refuse to look to the skies, the seas, the mountains and rivers, and the miracles that they give birth to every single day in the light of the sun or the haze of the moon.

Similarly, we find a new and undeniable humility in the contemplation of Earth’s fauna: what the majesty of the animal kingdom has to offer – and the revelations that lie therein - are essential to our very humanness.

As such, the very act of making pictures – wandering the streets of New York or tracking critically endangered mountain gorillas in Rwanda – has much to do with explaining the world to myself as it does with explaining the world to someone else. What I search, and seek to convey in my images is an emotional truth; the very truth that my parents live and breathe every single day.